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Begum started her dance career after spending a year in Brasil where she fell in love with the Latin American music and dance. In 2005 she started her competitive dancesport career in latin dance and trained with famous teachers such as Ute Streicher, Sergej Milijica, Barbara Ambroz, Zoran Plohl, Holger Nitsche, Bahadır Kocabıyık and Gunce Yoney. In the mean time she worked with Ozden Akturk in ballet to support her dance training. She was a gold medalist in national competitons and made final and semi-final in international competitions. She has been teaching dancesport since 2007 and has trained succesfull competitors of all ages. In 2015 she advanced her career in teaching and judging, becoming an adjudicator in the Turkish Dancesport Federation. In 2021 she became a World Dancesport Federation Adjudicator.


The Pilgrim L1 9HB

LC Sports (Liverpool College)

Tel: +44 77 0922 0035


Instagram: @bcdancesport

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